The reopening of one of the wells in the Sylmar groundwater basin has been delayed to June after originally scheduled to open last year.

Well 3, one of four wells owned by the City of San Fernando in the Sylmar basin, is expected to resume operations in about four months after being shut down in 2009 due to a high concentration of nitrates. The City has been installing a nitrate filtration system to reopen the well, which was expected to open last December.

However, the state Division of Drinking Water asked for additional design modifications, causing the delay. The City will continue to import water from the Metropolitan Water District until the well is operational.

Lorne Street Elementary Break-in

Lorne Street Elementary School in Northridge was broken into in January, according to a parent, but the extent of the damage remains unknown.

Sandy Anger-Hernandez, a parent of an 8-year-old special needs child who attends Lorne Street Elementary, said a break-in occurred last month at the school. However, the school has not disclosed if anything was damaged or stolen.

The school was the subject of controversy last year over its handling of a shooting threat made by a former employee. Although the threat wasn’t made explicitly towards Lorne Street Elementary, the school did not communicate with parents or the community the true extent of the threat. Parents had to find information through outside sources, including the San Fernando Valley Sun/el Sol.

Anger-Hernandez said that the school has not had a single in-person PTA meeting since October, when parents expressed their dissatisfaction with the slow drip of information directly to the school principal and officials from the Los Angeles Unified School District. All PTA meetings are now conducted through Zoom.