A crosswalk along San Fernando Road in Sylmar has indigenous artwork painted between the lines of the sidewalk.

3 replies on “Sylmar’s “Moving Beauty Pathway” Great Streets Initiative Begins  ”

  1. I can inly wonder how much the DOT is spending on this ephemera. While initially the color difference may alert drivers to the crosswalk, the patterns may also distract. And depending upon the amount of traffic, such paint work has an anticipated length of durability of 15-20 years. These crosswalks might be better served by Trompe L’oeil three dimensional painting to make the white appear to be floating above the road surface.

  2. This is great news! Anything that can make the streets better and clearer. As photographers and photobooth attendants, Sylmar has been a growing hot spot for new families and we always had to pass through these streets to reach our client’s parties. This will be an amazing change in the area!

  3. Wow I wish she would spend money on removing this apt building they turned into housing because we have nothing but problems

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