Edgar Flores

San Fernando Police Department released the booking photo of Edgar Flores, 31.

Flores was arrested as the suspect who robbed and attacked a 69-year-old senior at Ziggy’s Meat Market in the City of San Fernando. That assault was caught on surveillance video.

Flores was apprehended Monday afternoon at the Cork ‘n Jug liquor store by SFPD but not before resisting arrest and being pepper sprayed.

Flores who is said to be “well known” by local police also had an outstanding parole violation at the time of this arrest. “He has been booked and will appear at the San Fernando courthouse tomorrow,” said Lt. Irwin Rosenberg. “He has had several altercations and previous arrests over a course of years,” Rosenberg said Flores will likely be charged with elder abuse as well as robbery and assault. Flores has a history of robbery, assault, public drunkenness and using illegal substances including inhalants according to local police.

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