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LOS ANGELES (CNS) – Los Angeles City Councilwoman introduced a motion today seeking to ban cashless retail businesses in the city in an effort to empower residents who may not have bank accounts or are denied access to credit.

“Cashless businesses create an economy in our city that is not inclusive and accessible for all people,” Hutt said in a statement. “There are many unbanked groups … that rely on cash to pay for goods and services.”

“As a city that has promised to be a safe and fair place for all, we must be proactive in ensuring that all our systems create fairness and equity for each and every individual,” she added.

Hutt’s motion states that the city encourages residents to participate in its economic development, including the practice of purchasing goods and services. But there are millions of Americans who do not have bank accounts or have been denied access to credit, preventing them from being able to “engage in consumer transactions unless they are able to pay for goods and services in cash.”

Not accepting cash payments systematically excludes low-income communities of color, young people who do not meet the age qualifications for credit or debit cards, and seniors who have not transitioned to card or digital payment modes, the motion stated.

The motion, if approved by the L.A. City Council will request the city attorney’s office to prepare and present an ordinance that would ban cashless retail businesses in Los Angeles.

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