Security camera footage from U Crave Grill shows an individual leaving the restaurant at 3:34 a.m., carrying a safe to a white Mercedes. (Photo Courtesy of U Crave Grill)

A series of smash-and-grab burglaries hit six businesses in the City of San Fernando, some right around the corner from the police station.

Early Saturday morning, at approximately 3:30 a.m., thieves gained entry into five businesses by breaking their storefront windows. U Crave Grill, Magaly’s Tamales, a beauty salon, Papa Juan’s Baja Grill and San Fernando Florist were broken into one after another.

On Monday morning, another business, It’s Boba Time, was also broken into. It’s not known if the Saturday and Monday break-ins are related.

Security camera footage captured one person leaving U Crave carrying a safe and getting into a white Mercedes. San Fernando Police Chief Fabian Valdez said there were at least two suspects involved in Saturday’s smash and grab — one wearing a white hooded sweater and the other a dark hooded sweater. Both wore masks and gloves.

Valdez said that all the businesses had their front window damaged. For some, including U Crave and Magaly’s, their broken glass doors have been boarded up while they wait for repairs.

The shattered glass door at Papa Juan’s Baja Grill on North Maclay Avenue. It was one of five businesses that were hit Saturday morning by smash and grab thieves. (SFVS Staff)

As far as monetary loss goes, the police chief said that approximately $150 was stolen from the front counter of U Crave. It’s not known how much was stolen in total from the restaurant, or how much was taken from other businesses.

Saturday’s break-ins occurred on North Maclay Avenue between First and Third streets, which is right around the corner from the San Fernando Police Station. However, police weren’t notified until employees arrived.

“We’re currently looking into it,” Valdez said. “The police department did not receive any alarm activations, so we’re trying to determine if the businesses had alarms and did they activated them before they left the business for the evening.”

A Magaly’s employee was the first to notify the police, around 5:45 a.m. Police were then notified of the break-in at U Crave, followed by the other businesses. Valdez described it as a “chain notification.”

One business owner, who did not want to be named, said their business will be getting an alarm system after the break-in. The owner said he thinks there should be more officers patrolling the streets, especially at night.

Valdez said that police are developing a plan that combines prevention and enhanced enforcement. He said he wants business owners to attend the next Business Watch meeting so police can provide tips on how to prevent these types of break ins, including making sure that alarms are set and installing cameras if they have none.

The next Business Watch meeting takes place on Sept. 27. For more information, go to:

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  1. Have live in the City of San Fernando for over 30 years, last 2 years we never seen patrols out after 11pm unless called for assistance. During the day they patrol the city grouped together. If a car is being cited for a infraction there are usually 2 patrol at the scene. This goes for the parking enforcement too. Cars are parked in driveways blocking the sidewalks , in front of fire Hydrants and close to the corners blocking the access ramps. Since these business are within blocks of the Police Department officers can go on foot patrol during the late hours.

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