AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign stop Monday, May 2, 2016, in South Bend, Ind.

By Al Pina

Pictures are worth a thousand words and the pictures show that America will see racial demonstrations and violence not seen for decades.

Make no mistake about this, Donald Trump is fueling the anger and fear in white Americans that is targeted to mostly minorities. I saw this last week when in California Trump paraded crime victims families that their loved ones were murdered by undocumented victims

A total of 14 murder victims were displayed as a symbol to fuel anger and hate against Latinos (let there be no mistake most Mexican Americans like myself do not distinguish between  Mexican and Mexican American like Jewish Americans assimilate to Israel Jews).

But when you look at the numbers of murder and crime victims in California between 2008 and 2014 (year spread of victims they had on stage), it clearly shows that murders by undocumented Latinos accounted for less than 1 percent and also that most crime victims in California are mostly minority accounting for over 71 percent of all crime victims.

California Department of Justice Report (2014)/California Murders

2008: 2,142

2009:  1,970

2010: 1,809

2011: 1,794

2012: 1,878

2013: 1,745

2014: 1,697

Average Rate of Crime Victims by Race 2005 to 2014 in California:

White:  17%

Latino: 44%

African American: 27%

Make no mistake about this that this is the most crucial time for minorities since the days of Martin Luther King marches in Alabama.

This is not about Donald Trump but the millions upon millions of white Americans voting for him that feel minorities must assimilate to who and how they feel an American should be. Like Arizona 50 years ago, where white Americans would not tolerate Spanish being spoken so they took 100 percent of Latinos, like myself, and put us into English classes to make sure we got rid of any accent and worse, they punished Latinos for speaking Spanish.

But times have changed and Latinos and African Americans will no longer

just stand around and take this racial abuse. But we must do so with nonviolent actions, with the greatest action against the racism that Trump fuels being our vote at the ballot box.  That ONE VOTE make us all equal.

White voters behind Trump will come out in record numbers not seen in our life time. If we as minorities do not match that (especially Latino) and come out in record numbers, Trump will be our next President and what follows will be racial discrimination like we have not seen in over 75 years.

So the Trump victory not only secured the GOP nomination, it secured Race Wars in America.

My message to Donald Trump and those who support his racist notions: like Jewish Americans who defend Israel with all they have and should do so for they are one, MEXICAN AM I and the millions of other Mexican Americans. You attack undocumented Latinos, you attack all of us for we are one.

We will fight you, nonviolently, to the gates of hell and back before we allow you and your supporters to tell us what being American should look and talk like.

Al Pina is the Chair/President: San Diego Minority Community Reinvestment Coalition Chair, Urban Redevelopment Solutions. For more information, you can visit their websites: www.fmcrc.org www.assetsandhope.org, or www.theracialwealthgap.org.