Today CARECEN rejects the racist attacks of President-Elect Donald Trump and pledges to continue, as we always have, to defend the rights of immigrants, who are a vital part of the life of this country.

We reject the hate that has become normalized during this unprecedented presidential season, and we refuse to allow communities of color, women, entire religious groups, and undocumented people to be made targets of the resurgent racist movement that attached itself to Trump’s campaign.

“Immigrants have always been part of the life blood that renews this country,” said Martha Arévalo, CARECEN Executive Director. “We expect a Trump presidency to respect their rights, as well as the Constitutional processes that they are entitled to. We are committed to defending every protection the Constitution grants all the people who live in this country.”

Our immigrant communities must know that they are not alone. We will be there to fight for them and we know that, though times look dark now, we will eventually prevail. We have always been part of the struggle, and that has not changed.

CARECEN has worked for more than 33 years to protect the rights and dignity of Central American and Latino immigrants in Southern California. Since its founding in 1983, when thousands of Central Americans were fleeing the brutality of civil war, CARECEN has worked to change unjust immigration policies, win legal status for immigrants, and foster community activism on education reform, workers’ and immigrant rights, economic justice and community strengthening.

Maria Teresa Borden is a spokesperson for CARECEN, an organization that for 3 decades has advocated for the rights for Central American community and all immigrants.