Letter to the Editor:


I have been volunteering in our community for many years. I have been part of the Community Police Advisory Board known as (CPAB) and part of our neighborhood watch program.

It was brought to my attention that LADWP has started a large project in our community called the Mission Well Field Project.

LADWP not informing our community properly about this project has led my wife and I to inquire what this was about. We have read many documents regarding Mission Wells Project and back in the late 70’s a court order stopped the water from being pumped out of these wells due to high levels of contamination in the water and soil which contains TCE, PCE as well as Chromium, lead, asbestos and other toxic chemicals. The water and soil which are known to have high levels of carcinogens and toxins chemicals that are known to cause cancer, neurological defects as well as many other illnesses have been linked to these chemicals. We have asked LADWP, for any reports of recent soil or water samples . They have failed to provide us with any documentation that shows there has been any changes.

We have lived in this community for over forty years and are aware of several people who have passed away from cancer or who is currently being treated for cancer.

This includes two of my own family members one who has passed and one who has won the battle with cancer.

As citizens in this community we have the right  to know if we are in any danger, We have contacted the EPA, spoke with Mission Wells project manager, the Mayor’s Office, Congressman’s  office, LADOT, and Sylmar Neighborhood Council regarding our welfare and we are requesting answers.

I have organized a meeting June 29, 2017 at 6:00 pm at Osceola Street Elementary School to address these issue, Please share this with your neighbors and friends as it is important that we come together as a community for us to be heard.




Victor M. Garza

Sylmar Resident