The human crisis at the border the Trump Administration created gets worse and worse by the day. DOJ’s admission that at least 463 parents have already been deported without reunifying with their children is ruthless and vengeful. This is not the American way and we reject our government’s handling of this situation.  

By deporting the parents without their sons and daughters, the Trump Administration has employed a ghastly torture technique on children in order to deter the adults from coming to the US to seek a better life.

Thus far, the government has sent 463 children the message their lives, feelings, and future means nothing. It is a monstrous, anti-immigration PR campaign only a sadistic Administration could have devised. 

Members of Congress and the American people must demand accountability from President Trump, Attorney General Sessions, and DHS Director Nielsen and ask them to stop this sinister campaign and reunite every single child with their parent immediately.

The strength of a nation is best shown when it is compassionate, humane, and respectful of everyone’s dignity. 

Angelica Salas is the executive director for CHIRLA.