Singer Provides Emotional Lift for Healthcare Workers

Weary healthcare workers at the Dignity Health – Northridge Hospital Medical Center got a momentary respite from their ongoing battle against the coronavirus pandemic with a live performance from singer-songwriter Annie Bosko.  

Medical staffers gathered under canopies outside the facility on Tuesday, April 28, holding signs of appreciation for the country-and-western star — known for her hits “Coastin’” and “Born Wild” — who serenaded them as a tribute, “to all of the healthcare heroes who continue to provide high-quality, compassionate care day-in and day-out for all of our patients, including those fighting COVID-19.” 

In keeping with the guidelines for social distancing, the medical staff under the canopy was on one side of what appeared to be a parking lot, directly opposite the singer.

Among the tunes performed by Bosko was a rendition of “God Bless America,” in which she asked the crowd to join in with her.  Some people wiped away tears as they sang along.

It appeared the lyrics of Bosko’s well-known song,“Fighter,” also struck a deep chord with her appreciative audience.


“I found that the moment I got nothing left

Is when I gotta take just one more step

Cause if I don’t I won’t see the victory that’s gonna come next

So bring on the fire try to burn me out

Bring on the wind try to knock me down

Bring on the rain and all of the pain cause I got faith that will never drown

Just when you think I can’t take no more

I come back stronger than I was before

Cause when I’m down in the dust I know I’m gonna rise up even higher

A fighter.”


— by Annie Bosko, all rights reserved. ®


“The outpouring of support from the community has been heartwarming and today’s live performance from country music singer, Annie Bosko, is appreciated by all of the healthcare workers on the frontline of the pandemic,” stated Northridge Hospital Foundation president Brian Hammel.

Afterward Bosko shared with the hospital staff that they are the “true superstars,” and “it’s an honor to be able to lift their spirits” through song.