Caravan From Pacoima Travels to the Fields of Kern County

For the second week in a row, a group of people from the Northeast San Fernando Valley traveled in a caravan of cars to the fields to let farmworkers know how much they’re appreciated and “essential” .  The group  traveled from Ritchie Valens Park in Pacoima to Wasco in Kern County.  “It was a beautiful experience,” said organizer Ignacio “Iggy” Navarro. “We had twice the number of people who had previously participated and we were able to bring farmworkers more items, and the farmworkers were very happy to receive what we brought for them.  This time, we were able to ask in advance what was needed and from the donations we received, we brought cases of Gatorade, water, beans, rice, garderners hats, caps, masks, sunscreen and  long sleeved shirts.”                                                                

For more information on donating or participating in the next caravan email:  or call: 818  939-3707.