Big Gift Ideas That Will Wow Kids This Holiday Season

(StatePoint) Shopping for kids this holiday season and want to make a splash? Add some holiday cheer to the gift pile and wow kids with these big ideas that combine learning and fun!

Calling All Helpers!

The Helping Heroes Fire Station is an imaginative and learning-packed play experience that lets kids ages 18 months to 4 years old jump right into action. Kids can get ready for a rescue by checking equipment and pretending to be a firefighter. Then, when it’s time for action, they can drop firefighters, Fiona and Frankie through the opening and into the mini rescue vehicle. The multi-level fire station (which features areas for the firefighters to sleep, relax and work out) transforms into a fire truck with an extension ladder. By placing Frankie and Fiona on the Talking Point location, kids can hear sound effects, music and phrases to learn about the role of firefighters.

A Win-Win Situation

Both a learning game and a chance to get little ones’ muscles moving, the Count & Win Sports Center features a basketball and hoop, as well as a soccer ball and goal. Kids can practice counting as they make a basket or score a goal, following along on the animated LED scoreboard. Little fingers get a fine-motor workout, too, with buttons to press, gears that turn and a trophy that slides up and down. Babies grow fast, and this sports center — great for ages 12-36 months — grows with them, as it features two adjustable height levels and teaches shapes, colors, numbers and good sportsmanship.

Race into Fun 

For a fast-paced toy, consider the Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate Corkscrew Tower. This versatile playset, great for ages 1-5, features two track configurations. Stack the tracks one atop the other to form a corkscrew track over three feet tall for dizzy downhill fun, or set up the tracks side by side for a dual-track racing experience. The dual-track structure features off-road adventures with diversions down a secret path, a switch track, trap doors and hazards that will leave opponents stuck. The playset also features fun songs and melodies! 

This holiday season may look different than most years, but one thing remains certain — action packed gifts that combine learning and fun will brighten the season for everyone.