Beyond the face: How to take your body care routine to the next level

(BPT) – Everyone has unique skincare needs, so why are so many people following similar routines? How you look and how you feel are closely tied together, so it’s important to create a body care routine that works for your specific needs so you can project your personal best.

“Skin is the largest organ of the body with more than 3 million skin cells on every square centimeter, yet many people do not know how to properly care for your body’s skin or realize how prominently it can show signs of premature aging,” says Amway North America Beauty Manager Marisa Grossnickle. “We focus so much time and attention on our face, when our entire body should benefit from the same level of care.”

Why follow a head-to-toe body care routine? Grossnickle says a body care routine is an opportunity for anyone to personalize their care for their specific skin type, plus, it’s a wonderful way to indulge the senses while blending elements of beauty, nature and science together harmoniously.

She suggests the Artistry Signature Select™ Body Collection, formulated to address different skin concerns all over the body. This new collection of five high-performance body products are infused with phytonutrients that support body wellness for skin that looks younger and healthier.

Ready to start a fresh body care routine or enhance your current one? Consider these smart steps, simple tips and insider tricks:

1: Cleanse to eliminate impurities

Throughout the day your skin encounters a variety of microscopic dirt, dust and pollution in the air, even if you’re not leaving the house. These particles can sit on skin, dulling the surface and clogging pores, so it’s essential to cleanse regularly to support healthier looking skin. Strive to cleanse skin daily using a product designed to reduce impurities and balance skin throughout the body, such as Artistry Signature Select™ Purifying Body Cleanser that cleanses for a clean feel and youthful appearance. The formula, infused with Nutrilite™-sourced Citrus Extract, helps strengthen skin and defend against dryness and other common skincare concerns.

Insider tip: Cleanse at least once daily, but more as needed, such as after a workout or because you’re simply feeling the need to refresh.

2: Exfoliate twice a week

The skin is an amazing organ, naturally growing and renewing. You can encourage cell turnover on your body by adopting exfoliation into your body care routine two times a week. A gentle scrub removes dead skin cells and polishes the skin for increased radiance. Try Artistry Signature Select™ Polishing Body Scrub for a full-sensory experience that smells and feels luxurious as it polishes dull, dry skin for a smoother, energized, healthier look. The secret? Tiny bamboo grains help reveal fresh, glowing, smooth skin. The formula is infused with Nutrilite™-sourced Black Currant extract and a soothing blend of Açai, plus Evening Primrose and Perilla Oils, to help maintain and enhance a soft, supple feeling on the entire body.

Insider tip: Spend a little extra time exfoliating rough areas such as heels and elbows for an overall glow that you’ll instantly notice.

3: Hydrate in multiple ways

Keeping skin hydrated can be a challenge, especially during dry or chilly seasons. That’s why it’s important to hydrate skin in multiple ways. First, drink plenty of water throughout the day, which helps hydrate from the inside out. Second, use a hydrating gel that delivers deep moisture to rejuvenate skin and support its healthy look. Artistry Signature Select™ Hydrating Body Gel revitalizes dry skin with self-adjusting hydration that delivers moisture where and when skin needs it most. The super-lightweight hydro-gel formula is infused with Nutrilite™-sourced Green Tea and Peach Flower Extracts, plus Perilla and Evening Primrose Oils, to help strengthen skin’s moisture barrier, protect against pollution and keep skin looking and feeling smoother and younger.

Insider tip: Try gently blotting skin with a towel after bathing or showering and then applying gel on partially moist skin for an extra boost of hydration.

4: Add a brightening cream in the a.m.

Want to start your body care routine out the right way every day? Consider adding a step that incorporates a brightening cream that helps skin look more even and radiant. This will help reveal a glow and that will get noticed, whether it’s in person or on those video conferences online! Try Artistry Signature Select™ Brightening Body Cream with natural light diffusers and Nutrilite™-sourced Acerola Cherry and White Chia Seed Extracts. The gentle refinishers help smooth skin’s surface and support natural skin cell turnover for a more luminous and even-toned look.

Insider tip: A brightening cream is ideal after a body scrub so that the nutrients can easily be absorbed by skin and utilized by the body for an all-day glow.

5: Tighten and tone for firmer skin

Beautiful skin is a goal at any age, so make sure to add products designed to nourish and firm your skin into your body care routine. Artistry Signature Select™ Firming Body Lotion is an excellent choice, helping skin look firm while reducing the appearance of cellulite, especially around the stomach, thighs and buttocks. The Skin Firming Complex provides an instant skin tightening feel, while Nutrilite™-sourced Pomegranate Extract helps neutralize damage from pollution and other sources.

Insider tip: Massage firming products into damp or dry skin in a circular motion twice a day — ideally morning and evening — for best results.