How to transfer everything (programs, files, data) from an old PC to a new one

(BPT) – We’ve all experienced the “joy” that comes from trying to assemble that insanely complex toy or that intricate gift your partner couldn’t live without. All of that work can leave you feeling exhausted and confused trying to decipher inscrutable directions and losing parts scattered among the ripped-up boxes and wrapping paper.

Getting a new personal computer should be exciting, but there’s a good chance it too will start to feel like a daunting assembly project. Like most people, you’ll be asking: “How am I going to get all of my stuff from my old computer to my new one?” Your new PC may offer more computing power, storage capacity or a new operating system but it won’t be very useful until it’s set up the way you want, with all of your files, documents, games, applications and settings in the right places on your new PC.

For the majority of us, the process of moving the gigabytes (often terabytes) of files from one PC to another is unnerving. Trying to find where all the documents, pictures, videos and music are that you need to move and then having to reinstall and reactivate applications is downright intimidating.

Choosing to manually move all of your files means you’ll need to devote hours of your free time and buy an external storage device (or two) with enough capacity to handle all your files and even some application data. This can be a real challenge for gamers or content creators that have multiple drives filled with terabytes of essential data. You’ll also quickly discover the complexity of how Microsoft Windows stores your data, such as email files, favorites and bookmarks. They are usually buried and simply copying them over may not work without diving into complex settings and hidden folders. Local contacts and calendars are another example of files that can be hard or confusing to transfer because they are not in a familiar part of the file system. Although manually moving is technically a “free” option, the real costs to you are hours of wasted time and patience lost.

To avoid the manual transfer nightmare, and spend more time enjoying your loved ones and using your new PC, consider a $60 piece of transfer software called PCmover from Laplink Software. Laplink has been around for nearly 40 years and PCmover is the only software of its kind recommended by Microsoft®, Intel® and all major PC manufacturers and has 24/7 Live Free Transfer Assistance.

Using PCmover is simple. You set it up in three easy steps, then walk away while it takes care of the transfer.

  1. Install the software on each of your computers and PCmover will automatically connect them over your home networks or you can use an optional Laplink High Speed Transfer Cable (Ethernet, USB 3.0, Thunderbolt).
  2. Click through an easy-to-follow transfer wizard using PCmover’s recommendations and it will guide you through choosing which files, documents, games, applications, and settings you want to move.
  3. Review what is going to be transferred and PCmover takes care of everything else and will notify you via email or SMS when the transfer is complete. And because most transferred applications are installed ready-to-use on the new PC, there’s usually no need to find old install media, previously downloaded programs, serial numbers or license codes.

If you or a loved one is getting a new PC, be sure to add the must-have gift of PCmover to avoid the manual transfer nightmare. Buy an instant download or boxed version and save 50% on checkout. Get PCmover today!