New ways to celebrate family milestones

(BPT) – Life is full of important milestones that are worth celebrating — from anniversaries and birthdays to graduations, weddings and other events that bring families together. During challenging times, it helps to remember that families can find meaningful new ways — and revive earlier, cherished traditions — to mark these special life occasions.

Here are just a few ways you can expand and transform your family celebrations this year.

1. Explore your family’s traditions

Ask your older family members to share their recollections of past traditions and celebrations that may have fallen by the wayside. Which of these traditions could you revive, or perhaps update to make more relevant for the younger generation? Consider recording the stories on video to preserve these cherished memories as well.

2. Involve the whole family

Approaching a big milestone, include everyone you can to get more input and generate new ideas about how to celebrate — especially inviting younger family members or those who may live far away to participate. That way, everyone will feel part of the celebration, even if they can’t be there in person.

Be open to everything from festive car parades and watch parties for favorite movies to creating family chain letters or emails to share — and any other ideas your family members may come up with!

3. Gather the family around food and wine

Share favorite recipes to prepare dishes commemorating your family’s origins, and choose delicious wines to toast to your family’s well-being and happiness, even if you’re toasting over video conference. Then enjoy the conversation and laughter together, no matter where you are.

In this spirit of conviviality, CK Mondavi and Family shares their family’s 75th anniversary celebration this year, marking their passion for creating remarkable wines — a tradition passed down from parents to children in their California winery for four generations. In 1946, Italian immigrants Cesare and Rosa Mondavi first created the line of affordable yet high-quality everyday wines, which you can enjoy during your own family gatherings today.

“This anniversary is as much about our fans and partners as it is our family,” said co-proprietor Marc Mondavi. “At the core of our family company is the commitment to crafting wines that can bring people together.”

And it will be even easier to serve the wines at their ideal temperature this spring. New labels printed with thermochromic ink on their white wines will change color when properly chilled to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

“The color change is very dramatic — from cream to a lovely bright yellow on the Chardonnay, for example,” said Riana Mondavi, member of the fourth generation. “It helps our fans pour their perfect glass every time, because it easily shows the optimum serving temperature.”

Enjoy your family celebration over a well-laid table, even if you’re just a small household sharing a meal or enjoying your party via Zoom. Bring out your best glassware and china to make your get-together a truly festive and memorable occasion.

4. Create shared memories and keepsakes together

Especially at a time when family members must remain apart, look for creative ways to make mementos together that express your family’s spirit.

Consider creating either actual or virtual photo albums, story/memory collections, scrapbooks, collections of well-wishes and advice or video greetings gathered from each family member that you can compile via snail mail or virtually, then present to the family member celebrating a birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, new baby or other important event.

Cherishing your family with the spirit of celebration front of mind, you can make any milestone a wonderful occasion that your family will remember and talk about for many years to come.