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Driven to Distraction: The Impact of Acne in a Digital Era

(BPT) – With millions of people living, working, attending school and socializing through the lens of a computer camera, self-image and confidence are quite literally on display, especially for the 85% of teens and young adults with acne.1 New routines, habits and mindsets have been established in this virtual world that created new insecurities, but […]

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How Borrower Education Can Make Housing More Attainable

(BPT) – Today’s U.S. housing market is leaving many prospective homebuyers priced out. Homes, on average, have become less affordable, and the ones that are affordable are in short supply. As a result, 55% of future homebuyers believe that homeownership is out of reach for them financially, according to recent Fannie Mae research. However, while […]

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Why Nonprofit Leaders Need To Lead The Way In Innovating Education

(BPT) – Deb Mallin, Forbes Councils Member Forbes Nonprofit Council Founder of, a foundation on a mission to close the literacy gap with scalable, ethical technology & evidence-based instruction. As 2020 came to a close, were you looking at the glass half full, or depending on the day, half empty after almost a year […]

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5 tips for successful dating this year

(BPT) – Whatever your dating life was like before the pandemic, it’s most likely changed due to the circumstances at hand. Thankfully, many online-dating platforms are rising to the occasion, providing secure and safe ways for people to connect. In turn, singles everywhere are getting creative, figuring out how to learn more about each other […]

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How to add high-quality protein to your diet

(BPT) – Recent diet trends encourage balancing food sources for optimal health. If you’re following the Mediterranean, keto or paleo diets, you’re probably aware that lean meats like beef play a vital role as part of an overall healthy eating plan, balanced with plant-based foods like vegetables and legumes. Elsewhere in the world, however, access […]