Dear Editor, 

Let me say I for one am opposed to High-Speed Rail.  It will take many years to complete and also cost too much money.  It seems we have misplaced priorities in this state.  We have a serious drought in California which could get even worse as the years go on.  I’d prefer to see much of that HSR money put toward desalination plants and also cleaning up Salton Sea which is becoming a serious health hazard.

 For much less money they can upgrade the conventional rail lines we already have and run trains day and night up and down the state and to Nevada and Arizona as well.  I know many people feel HSR is a great idea but right now I and many people feel there are other more important things to deal with.

 It would just be better to have a 48 state grid of passenger trains with the current rail lines we have now for much less money and time.

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  1. My Name is Gloria E Morales
    I am the fundraising Director
    For our Catholic school St Francis
    Of Assisi here in Silverlake
    Sadly our school is one of the
    Ones that will have to be closing
    I read the article that was done by
    Your newspaper for the Catholic
    School there in San Fernando
    They are fighting to keep their
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    Ms Gloria E Morales

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