COVID-19 Elevating Concerns About Food Safety and Security

(NewsUSA) – The latest fallout from the coronavirus pandemic? Food safety and security now rank among consumers’ top global concerns. 

According to a new study from the Mars Global Food Safety Center, 73 percent of the adults surveyed last month in the United States, China and the United Kingdom said they believe COVID-19 will wind up adversely impacting the viability — and, yes, safety — of the global food supply chain many of us have come to expect. And almost as many (71 percent) think people’s access to food will consequently be negatively affected around the world. 

Doubt it? “New food safety threats, like those posed by COVID-19, are constantly emerging through a combination of factors including global warming, increased globalization of trade, and changes in agriculture practices and food production,” said David Crean, chief science officer at Mars, which strives to generate new scientific and technological insights to raise the bar on food safety. 

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