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  1. One question, where do you live? Because I have spent the last two decades living in front of whiteman airport and those benefits you say our community gets from the airport are anything but apparent to me. Let me tell you in all my life I have never, not once stepped foot inside of that airport despite it literally being a crosswalk away, nor do I know any of my friends or neighbors in the community who have. I mean why would we, we can’t afford the services offered and we are not employed by the airport. No, those people are like you, people who come from different, much nicer areas. People who have to drive over here leaving their nice little suburbs to enjoy their leisure time in the sky. You people don’t have to live here and suffer through the pollution that we do from living in this f*cking area. Now in the time of Covid you don’t have to take meetings or attend virtual classes where you constantly have to excuse yourself when talking because the planes are being loud outside and filtering your voice out. Its not you who has to deal with the trauma of plane crashes happening right outside your homes, and it doesn’t matter if it’s just one crash, it’s one too many for anyone to experience! Let me tell you, I don’t care what PB or whoever wants to do with that land. If its subsidized housing for the homeless I welcome it more than I welcome that airport, at least then it would be providing some kind of service to our people.

    But for now I am sick and tired of people like you who sit in their nice little homes while the rest of us get f*cked by environmental racism and classism, things that are actually affecting OUR children’s future unlike those “anti-airport politics” you speak of.

    Oh and for the record, you attempt to villainize Pacoima Beautiful by mentioning their rally occured on the airport’s outreach event (which for the record I never heard of despite, you know, living in front of the place) but then forget to mention how some of your people secretly infiltrated that rally. One of them even talked to my dad and tried to make him feel like an idiot for protesting but my dad knows his story and told that to those moles.

    1. Jen, I live a short drive from the airport and have air traffic for Burbank, Van Nuys and Whiteman overhead all the time. It doesn’t bother or scare me.

      Cost is not the hurdle you think it is, especially as many opportunities Whiteman Airport offers are FREE. Display days and demonstration programs (like those of September 25th) are frequent and public. Find out when the next events are and look at the place firsthand.

      While you may feel indifferent about how the land is used, few share that stance. Public comments from the local community have seen heavy support for keeping Whiteman and allowing it to continue serving everyone.

      The various programs offered at the airport include scholarships available to people of all sorts with dreams that reach far and high. The Civil Air Patrol has tremendous potential as a springboard into later paths in aerospace, both civilian and military. Whiteman’s programs function as a melting pot, just as aviation across the globe does.

      Environmentalism is color-blind and, for its part, Whiteman Airport has compared favorably to proposed alternate uses of its land. Proposed alternative uses like the ones I cited would exacerbate congestion issues, increase pollution and worsen population density with no meaningful mitigations like the current public services. (The effects of demolition/rebuilding haven’t even been talked about as part of the process to those alternatives either.)

      Pacoima Beautiful’s event did keep many of their youth members from taking advantage of the airport’s events. That is me not villainizing PB…it’s just a matter of what happened and by PB’s framing too (they, not I, said the timing was their intention).

      I have never heard of any “infiltration” happening and must say I am dubious. Pacoima Beautiful’s event only had a few dozen people show up with most wearing PB logos (PB staff or youth, I guess). Even after several weeks, Pacoima Beautiful hasn’t reported any “infiltrations.”

      Lastly, please drop the “you people” labeling. It is needlessly pushes division and exclusion in a talk that is supposed to include all of the community.

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