One reply on “Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud”

  1. I remember visiting LA and could not understand why the trash was stacked and overflowing, remained on one side of the street, but the side the renal clinic and bar was on, got emptied regularly.
    I called Kevin DeLeon office three times and was told to send a picture, like I had a reason to lie, so I sent the picture and it still took fourth time to get the trash removed. Now I know why, because he never cared, he is not the right person for the job, so I don’t know what much work to be done he talking about, because, he hasn’t done anything yet. I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin DeLeon now I understand. He just passed me a card like he really was going to do something. I had to leave a heartfelt message, you don’t care cause you get to go home to your nice warm house. Finally got a call back, but he directed me to someone else. You’ve never cared, I really know now, how you really felt about the unhoused all along. You did nothing. Thanks a lot for nothing, but I will frame your card, as you go out a disgrace in history. Move over and let someone take the position who really is passionate about wanting to help the unhoused. Because you sure haven’t helped anyone, but yourself. If you can’t take care of trash duty. You can’t take care of human beings that really need help. Do the right thing and let someone get in that position that cares about under served people.

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