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Impaction: What Goes Around Comes Around

On September 11, 1973, General Augusto Pinochet, in cooperation with the CIA, led a military coup assassinating constitutionally elected Salvador Allende and unleashing a reign of terror that in the first year conservatively murdered over 11,000 people. By 1982 neoliberal wunderkind Milton Friedman declared that dictator Pinochet “has supported a fully free-market economy as a […]

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CSUN Biotech Senior Attends Harvard Stem Cell Institute Internship for Summer

Spending a summer away from home is often a highlight of college life, but rarely does it involve participating in seminars and lab research at an Ivy League university across the country. For Caroline Arellano-Garcia, a senior biotechnology major at California State University, Northridge, such an experience only enhanced her college years. Arellano-Garcia is one […]