Justice was served as far as I am concerned. I am glad that Judge George G. Lomeli denied the defense’s motions for a new trial, finding that there was “substantial credible and reasonable evidence ” to support the jury’s verdict.  Alarcon has wasted the court’s time for five years.  I am sure we paid for most of his defense because he was still in office when he spun his story that he really was living in Panorama City.  That house wasn’t” his style.”   He knew what he was doing was wrong but something happens to these “politicians” when they get in office.  They think they can do as they please and get away with it.  (Such as our other public servant Jose Huizar. whose power went to his head and then headed down south.)  Such a simple rule and he didn’t follow it.  He broke the law and now he must pay.

People have said he helped them get back into their homes after the Oakridge Park fire in Sylmar.  Well,  that’s what he’s is supposed to do. The man was making $177,000 a year. He should have helped them unpack. 

 Alarcon is supposed to surrender December 10th to begin serving his 120 day jail sentence.  He  probably will not even serve half the time because our jails are full.  He will probably be home for Christmas.  The 600 hours of community serve is nothing.  Now he can live anywhere he wants.  The worst blow to Alarcon is that he will no longer be able to be a “public servant.”

Marianne Castro Lawson

Granada Hills