Asphalt Issue at Van Nuys Airport 

Residents living near the Van Nuys airport have been concerned with a large mound of reclaimed asphalt stored by the Bureau of Street Services (BSS) at the Van Nuys Airport. The mound has grown so large that neighbors have complained that not only is it easily visible from nearby streets and is an eyesore, but of greater concern is the dust from the mound that kicks up into the air.

The reclaimed asphalt is intended for use for street repairs.

Los Angeles City Councilmember Nury Martinez introduced a motion to address the concerns, calling on BSS to stop adding new asphalt  to the airport site and prevent asphalt dust from impacting the Lake Balboa community, including covering the existing mound. 

“This asphalt tower is not only unsightly but it also impacts the health and well-being of our local residents,” Martinez said. “I’ve worked for many years to mitigate environmental problems in the San Fernando Valley, and to restore the local community with sustainable solutions.

“(The) motion is just the first step and I will continue to work with local families until this issue is addressed, and they can enjoy their homes free of asphalt dust.”

Martinez’ motion was referred to the Public Works and Gang Reduction Committee for consideration.