LOS ANGELES (CNS) — A Van Nuys tax preparer won $1 million in the state lottery’s new Taxes Paid Scratchers game, officials announced.

Gene Taylor picked up three tickets on an errand to drop off his dry cleaning. “I bought one $10 ticket and won $15,” Taylor said. “So I decided to put in an extra $5 and buy two more.”

He said he was “blown away” when one turned out to be a winner.

The $1 million prize is net of federal taxes calculated at a 25 percent tax rate. The Taxes Paid game is designed to let winners keep most, if not all, of their winnings.

This is just the latest win for the 66-year-old tax preparer, who took home $10,000 in December on a $5 Scratchers ticket and $1,000 in January.

Taylor says he plans to replace his 2006 vehicle, buy his sister a new car and possibly move to a new neighborhood.

Asked if he’ll keep playing the lottery, Taylor said, “That’s as certain as death and, er, taxes. Yes. I’m a lucky guy.”

The $1 million ticket came from Fulton Square Liquor at 4824 Fulton Avenue in Sherman Oaks.