The public is invited to attend the Special Olympics World Games and admission is free to all events.  The competition continues through Saturday.

The closing ceremony will be held Sunday at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

The Cuba team received a surprise Monday night after playing without official jerseys for the first three days of competition due to a lack of funding. What a Special Olympics World Games official described as “a local friend of the team” sent it blue jerseys with the Special Olympics Cuba logo on it so the athletes could feel like a team.

Before the start of Tuesday’s 400-meter men’s freestyle swimming relay, the Hungarian team was in danger of being disqualified because it did not have matching caps. Kamilah Williamson of Spokane, Washington, was standing next to Attila Princz of Hungary, then ran to grab an extra black cap she had and gave it to Princz, an official said.

“That cap is what the spirit of the Games is,” U.S. coach Gene Fitch said. “As silly as it is, this is what made the difference for the Hungarian team. What she did shows true sportsmanship and what the Games are all about.”

With warm weather forecast throughout Southern California and most spectator seating in outdoor venues not shaded, officials are advising spectators to take precautions to handle the heat including:

♦ drinking more fluids;

♦ spending some time in the shade to cool off;

♦ wearing a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun; and

♦ wear sunscreen, with SPF 15 or higher recommended.