Photo Courtesy of LAUSD

Now that school has started for an estimated 550,000 LAUSD students from transitional kindergarten through the 12th grade, the district has some helpful tips to remember.

·         Early to bed – School children through the age of 13 really require at least nine hours of sleep daily. Older teens need a minimum of eight hours. More is better for all age groups. Starting today, turn lights out earlier each night to smoothly transition to the proper bedtime. And, no cell phones, tablets, laptops or flashlights should be allowed at sleep time.

·         Early to rise – The days of sleeping late are ending. Wake up youngsters earlier each day until that alarm is on target. Set it even earlier for boys and girls, who always plead for “five more minutes,” before getting out of bed. Allow extra time to get to school.

·         Safety first – More officers from the Los Angeles School Police and the Los Angeles Police Department will be on patrol the first couple of weeks of school, and known trouble spots will get additional resources.

·         Getting to school – Walking is safest in groups, especially for the youngest students who should always be escorted by an adult, a big sister or brother or older youngsters who live nearby. Make sure children who plan to ride their bikes know the rules. Students on school buses must buckle up and obey the adults who ride with them. Those who drive or take public transportation should also know the best practices and the safest routes.

·         Going to a new school – Practice walking the route when attending a new campus. Also, learn the most popular way that others go to school because there is safety in numbers. More children walking together make drivers pay more attention.

·         Be prepared – Read the 2014-15 LAUSD Parent/Student Handbook, which is available in five languages. Make sure immunizations are up-to-date. Be sure that phone numbers are correct on the child’s emergency contact card. Learn school rules, including when the school day starts and ends.

·         Set goals – These should include perfect attendance because students can’t learn if they are not at school.