Giving Thanks for her “Miracles”

In honor of the feast day for the Virgen of Guadalupe, a special Mass and celebration was held in the chapel at Holy Cross Hospital. Many in the local community attend this annual event including Yolanda Fuentes Miranda, who brings her two children, Luis Felipe, 5, and Isabel Miranda, 4. Both children were born at Holy Cross.

“They are my little miracles,” Fuentes Miranda said. “My son was born prematurely and had a ruptured intestine and had to be transferred to UCLA for emergency surgery. My husband was in Iraq at the time. My daughter, born one year later, was born with Down Syndrome and was transferred to Valley Presbyterian Hospital.”

Fuentes Miranda said that at the time of her children’s births, Holy Cross was in the construction phase of its NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) so her children had to transferred. But the hospital can now handle cases like these.

Attending the Dec. 12 Mass for La Virgen, she said, is fulfilling a manda she made while praying for her children. “I am a devout Catholic and Guadalupana and I made a promise that I would take my children to Mass  [on the Virgen’s feast day] every year wearing the traditional clothes.” She shared that both of her children are doing very well today.