Dear Editor,

The upcoming neighborhood council elections make me consider how much weight councils have on L.A. city’s government. With all the projects and initiatives that Mayor Garcetti has in line, specifically in his Sustainable City pLAn, support from the local level up is imperative.

According to the American Lung Association (and as we were reminded in the past week by the increasingly smoggy skies), we have the worst air quality and ozone pollution in the country. Solar can help solve this. Within the Sustainable City pLAn, the Mayor draws out a solar energy goal for 2025 that is promising but should be set as the minimum – not the maximum.

Our neighborhood councils can play a role in pushing the city to live up to its potential . By being proactive and outspoken about solar goals that will affect every community in L.A., they will help empower the Mayor to make 25% local solar by 2025 not only attainable but surpassable.

Emma Etnier