Howard Kenneth Wood (Woody)

On Sunday, March 20th Woody passed away in Seattle, Washington, after suffering a fatal stroke.

Woody had accepted Jesus Christ as his savior many years ago. He was originally from Chicago, Illinois, but moved to Southern California as a small boy.

Due to the untimely death of his father he was forced to begin working at a very young age. Woody graduated from Burbank High School in 1955. After graduation he began a long career as a “Grocery Man” and throughout the years he worked for several large food chains in the San Fernando Valley.

Woody was a devoted husband and a committed father who willingly took on enormous responsibility; often working seven days a week to provide for his family. He was a long-term and proud member of “Local 777.” In the Grocery business, he considered himself from the old school before calculators, computers or bar scanners.

One of his pet peeves ! was beginner clerks who could not mentally count back correct change (without some outside aid or device). More than once he provided on the spot schooling. Sadly, he was forced to retire at age 50, due to disability from Neuropathy.

He and his wife Ellen moved to the Las Vegas area. After Ellen passed he eventually moved closer to his youngest son Grady and his family in Seattle, Washington. As his medical issues increased this move proved to be a blessing for both. Grady became his caregiver, guardian and friend.

Eventually their roles reversed, as often happens, and the son became the father. Much like his father, Grady took on this responsibility with respect and devotion. Upon his passing his son Grady and wife Frances were at his bedside.

Woody is survived by one sister, six children, ten grandchildren and eighteen great-grandchildren.