On Tuesday, April 26, The Los Angeles Zoo revealed a pair of perentie, Australia’s largest monitor lizard, that were acquired from the Taronga Zoo in Sydney.. The male and female pair, two and a half years old, feature spectacular colors and patterns covering their snake-like, elongated bodies. They live primarily in the arid regions from Western Queensland to coastal Western Australia around rocky hills and outcrops, are very efficient predators and will often use their powerful legs to dig and burrow into the soil to escape the blazing Australian desert heat. Other species brought to the LA Zoo include six Boyd’s forest dragons (a rainforest lizard from Queensland), a group of Southern orange-eyed tree frogs, a group of threatened golden-tailed geckos, and a group of knob-tailed geckos. These species are currently in quarantine out of public view, but they will be on display in mid-May at the Living Amphibians, Invertebrates, and Reptiles (LAIR) building. The perentie can currently be seen daily at the Australian section of the Zoo in the Komodo dragon roundhouse.