Dear Editor:

Californians should vote yes on prop 57 because it, will give inmates a better chance of getting out of jail faster and will not keep nonviolent crimes committed in jail for a long time. People convicted of nonviolent crimes will be released faster than the others. They can do a system that will give them credits for good behavior and when they get a certain amount to get out faster. They will be released faster than the others because their crimes are not as serious as the other inmates. There are already too many inmates in prison so why would they keep nonviolent offenders in prison. The authority will award credits to the inmates with good behavior. So that prisons don’t have so many people to worry about. They do not even rehabilitate most of the people. The prison population has grown by %500. If you do not vote yes the taxes will eventually get higher. The taxes will rise because the prisons spend over $10 billion a year. This means that if there are less people in prison there will be no tax raise. The prisons do not even rehabilitate most of the inmates and the end up re offended after release. Maybe if we pass this law, there will not be more people in prison and the prisons will not spend so much money,and this will improve the economy.

Oscar Monterroso



13421 Desmond St.

13421 Desmond St.