Aaliyah was one of three to receive an a humanitarian and environmental justice award for all the work she has put into helping her community and her school, especially as a Girl Scout of Greater Los Angeles. 

Aaliyah's goal is to set a great example for her sisters and friends to take care of "Planet Earth" and encourage them to do the same. She is looking forward to growing up in a world that is healthy and safe for everyone now and in the future.

California Safe Schools, a coalition formed for the advancement of children’s environmental health and justice, hosted “Your Life is Now,” an environmental summit and celebration of the organization’s 18th anniversary. The event, which took place at The California Endowment, included presentations of humanitarian and environmental justice awards to individuals who exemplify the vision and mission of the organization.

 “We are proud to celebrate the work of such accomplished individuals who have dedicated themselves to education and environmental justice,” said San Fernando Valley resident Robina Suwol, founder of California Safe Schools. “The solution to the environmental challenges facing us can only be found if we actively engage as a community.”

 This year’s honorees were Gina Solomon, Deputy Secretary for Science & Health at the California Environmental Protection Agency; Granada Hills 2nd grader Aaliyah Lopez; and novelist and short story writer Catherine Ryan-Hyde.

Over the last 18 years, California Safe Schools has helped to identify and eliminate toxic exposure in schools and neighborhoods.  Its been a mission of Suwol’s to seek environmental justice and facilitate policy changes to create lasting institutional protection to make schools safe places for learning. 

For more information,  visit the CSS website at www.calisafe.org.