LA's Tax March

“Chicken Don,” a 13-foot balloon, will be at the center of L.A.’s Tax March at Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles this Saturday, April 15.

The Tax March, according to it’s organizers, will draw thousands of people to protest Donald Trump’s refusal to release his tax records.

The L.A. Tax March will be held in tandem with cities across the United States on what would traditionally be Tax Day. However, because Tax Day this year falls on a Saturday, and the city of Washington, D.C. is observing its local holiday Emancipation Day on Monday, the tax deadline has been extended to Tuesday, April 18.

Local legislators will join residents to demand the public release of the President’s Tax Returns.

L.A. County Supervisor, Sheila Kuehl, representing the San Fernando Valley, is expected to attend and speak along with Congressmen Ted Lieu, Brad Sherman, labor groups, members of community organizations and scores of residents.

Promoting the event, the large sized “Chicken Don” Trump lookalike balloon was inflated on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday. The balloon was inspired by a sculpture of a chicken in China that has become popular on social media for it’s likeness to Donald Trump.

“We are calling our balloon, ‘Chicken Don,’ because he is afraid to show us his taxes,”  said organizer Delia Brown. “What is he hiding? Congress can intervene to release his tax records but Republicans refuse to do it.”

Brown cited an ABC poll that indicated that 74 percent of Americans want to see the President’s tax records. “Republicans  should keep that in mind as they approach their own re-election.”

Referencing Trump’s response during his campaign that he would be “smart,” if he didn’t pay federal taxes, Brown said people should know if he pays taxes at all.

“On a personal level, I find it ethically despicable that he wants us hard working Americans to pay his bill while he is spending exorbitant amounts of money for security at the Trump Tower to keep his family there, and anytime his family members want to fly around the world,” Brown said.

“It’s about our national security. This isn’t about us calling him out for being greedy, it’s about where he has been doing business and continues to do business.”

With questions about potential ties to Russia, organizers for the Tax March said it’s important to see if there are financial connections to Russia and other countries where the President could have conflicts of interest. They point out that before Trump proposes changes to the tax system, his taxes could reveal that he could be pushing policies — including tax cuts — that would benefit himself, or for those he has appointed to his cabinet.

“We need to see his taxes so we can be sure he separates his business interests from the nation’s economic and security interests,” echoed march organizer Tudor Popescu. “We are all want transparency and accountability from our leaders in government. We need to know what business dealings and conflicts of interest may be affecting his ability to govern.

“President Trump has ignored a 40-year tradition when he refused to release his tax returns. He even said that reporters are the only ones who care. He is wrong, and on Tax Day we Americans will prove him wrong” Popescu said.

Organizations will have petitions available for people to sign at the march to demand the public release of the President’s tax returns.

The L.A. Tax March will begin at Pershing Square and follow a route to City Hall in downtown Los Angeles from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.