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The cast of the School of Rock Tour. 

The Critically-Acclaimed, Award-Winning Musical School of Rock made its Los Angeles premiere at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre last Thursday, and will continue its run through the 27th. 

If you liked the film, you’ll love this musical.

Based on the 2003 Jack Black film of the same name, School of Rock-The Musical tells the story of Dewey Finn (Rob Colletti), a freeloading, washed-up, would-be rock star, who finds himself unemployed after his excessive showboating gets him thrown out from his band. Desperate for money, Dewey impersonates his roommate, a substitute teacher, and takes a job at Horace Green, a prestigious uptight private school. Though he first slacks about class in an attempt to make a quick buck, Dewey soon learns that the tightly wound kids in his class have amazing musical talent, and he starts to train them in the way of Rock & Roll. A school scandal breaks out and parents are outraged that their high tuition money has been wasted, but the power of music overcomes even the most straight laced.

Featuring songs from the movie, as well as a new, original score by Andrew Lloyd Webber, School of Rock – The Musical is a fun-filled and family-friendly musical that gets the audience laughing and rocking from their seats. The cast shines brightest in this production, with delightful performances from everyone. 

But perhaps the most impressive members of the cast are the students of Horace Green. These 12 young actors bring high energy to each number, and actually prove what great musicians they truly are by playing their own instruments.  There is so much musical talent from these young performers and School of Rock -The Musical is special for that alone.

Whether you’re a fan of the original or looking for an outing the whole family can enjoy,  School of Rock-The Musical  is especially inspiring to take your kids to if they’re interested in music, singing or dancing and a great way to introduce  them to musical theatre. Some of the audience members really get into the fun spirit of the show by dressing up as rock stars and take photos in the iconic Pantages lobby area.  The School of Rock is all about family, love and rock that thankfully lives on.