David H. Ross

It is with a heavy heart we announce the passing of David H. Ross, Father, businessman and great friend.  David, Born in Phoenix Arizona May 28, 1936, died the evening of Sunday July 15th 2018 at his care facility in Arleta. He leaves behind his Sons John Ross, and Tom Ross, his daughter-in-law Colleen and Grandsons Danny and Matthew.  

Born in Arizona to Robert and Marcia, David had two sisters, Betsy and Nancy and one brother, Bill. He left a difficult home in his teens to live with his older brother Bob in Los Angeles, and soon joined the Marines. In his 8 years in the Marine corps he attained his GED, became educated as a radio operator in the Korean war. He was Honorably discharged in 1960. He soon after began his professional life with Blue cross in a management position. Years later he was recruited by a Business Consulting Firm and worked as an efficiency expert helping businesses around the world advising them on a better way to work.  

In the 70’s David was involved in a serious car accident that left him partially paralyzed. After a difficult recovery period he managed to get 80% of full movement back. However as time progressed the effects of this accident took their toll and contributed to his accelerated physical decline. He spent the following decade in Arizona, the owner of a dry-cleaning store, and as landlord of several townhomes, which he rented out.

In 2007 due to his declining health he returned to California and eventually settled into the senior housing on First and Park streets in San Fernando. There he became a fixture in the neighborhood, bringing a smile to the faces of those around him. 

Dave suffered many trials through his life, but through it all, maintained his sense of humor and positive attitude, quick with a joke, always sure that things would get better. He had many physical set backs, but when asked how he was, he always said “fantastic”! In his later years he often remarked, “I’ve had a good life” and he certainly did. He will be missed. Rest In Peace dad, we love you.