Election 2018 Can Determine Local City Development, Nightlife And Consumption In The City Of San Fernando

Election day is next week, and if you live in this small townand care about ice cream trucks, marijuana, the renaming of Maclay Ave, the city coffers, and San Fernando nightlife, then you better cast your vote.

On top of voting for a tax extension (Measure A), which city officials are relying as an economic safety net, San Fernando voters are to choose three of the five people who they want to sit on the city council and make some drastic decisions, like banning ice cream trucks, regulating the cannabis industry, renaming streets, and possibly welcoming a more recreational and “hip” nightlife. 

There was no candidates forum held in the city, so voters will be left with their own information and dependent on the information they’ve received and feel they can trust.  While this election has been relatively quiet by comparison, it won’t be a huge surprise if last minute negative mailers drop into resident’s mailboxes. 

 The incumbents are: Mayor Sylvia Ballin,  Council members Antonio Lopez and Jaime Soto.  Also running for office are new candidates that include:  Transportation and Safety Commissioner David Bernal, Planning and Preservation Commissioner Yvonne Mejia Peña, and attorney Hector Pacheco.