Tanya Elise Menchaca

A North Hollywood family is grappling with an unfathomable situation as it pleads for the public to help pay for funeral costs for a mother of three who was allegedly killed by her own husband.

“This is a tragic nightmare my family is going through we lost our mother (sic),” wrote Ariana Carrera, one of the adult daughters of the victim, Tanya Elise Menchaca, on a GoFundMe page (https://www.gofundme.com/2pvxq-tragic-loss).

At press time, more than 100 people had contributed $8,430 toward the GoFundMe goal of $15,000. 

Police reported they received a call regarding an argument in the apartment a husband and wife shared in 11326 Tiara Street shortly before 2 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 23. When officers from the North Hollywood Police Station arrived at the apartment, a spokesman said a trail of blood was spotted at the entrance of the unit that led to the bedroom.

There, inside the closet, they discovered the body of Menchaca, 48, who had been stabbed several times.

There were also three uninjured children inside the unit. According to police, they were unaware of what had happened.

Later that day, police found the victim’s husband, Nick Lopez, covered in blood and passed out on the 210 Freeway in Azusa. The 49-year-old was arrested and was booked for murder. He remains in custody in lieu of $2 million bail.

“Gave This Man the World”

Family members say they can’t begin to comprehend what led to the murder of a caring grandmother of four in the apartment.

 “She was taken from us so suddenly by a man who she trusted and let into our home, she gave this man the world and for him to take her life and allow her to suffer in so much pain. My family and I are completely heart broken by this because this woman was our entire world, her energy was always so bright she could light up the entire room (sic),” Carrera continued in her post on the GoFundMe page.

“Her heart was so pure. Everything about her was amazing, a gift from god, she was the most caring person in the world she always put everyone before her no matter what. We are still so shocked by these horrific events that took place no one can prepare themselves for this kind of tragedy.

“To get a phone call one day and hear that you will never get to see or speak to your loved one again is heart shattering and unimaginable…We love, miss & cherish all the beautiful memories with you mommy, you will forever leave a mark on everybody’s hearts,” Carrera concludes.

“Steve,” who commented on the GoFundMe page, noted that Menchaca was a “beautiful lady, sadness grips our hearts.”

“You have been tragically taken from us. You were the world to your family. You were their pillar of strength. You were a tough love Mom, a real straight shooter. You were a hard worker, a person who always gave and didn’t take. You were the best example to them and they will make their way in the world thinking of you, emulating you, loving you, as did we.” 

Bill Downs, who also commented on the page, spoke of working with Menchaca at an accounting office for six years.

“What a wonderful person, and so capable and talented. We could share great conversations on religion or politics or family, and pictures and adventures of grandchildren. My heart aches for all her dear family,” he wrote.

It’s unclear what led to the stabbing, police said. Relatives say Menchaca and Lopez had married recently.

In photos shared on the GoFundMe page, Menchaca appears playful and loving with her three adult daughters and her grandkids. Two of those daughters apparently lived in the same residence, as well as some grandkids.

Women killed by Husbands and partners

Husbands or partners are more often the culprit behind the violent deaths of women.

According to the Violence Policy Center annual survey based on the FBI’s Supplemental Homicide Reports, in 2016 (the last year available), 1,809 women were killed in domestic violence incidents and 962 of them were wives, ex-wives or current girlfriends.

That amounts to about three women murdered every day in the United States by current or former romantic partners. And many domestic violence killings occur after recent breakups or during separations.