His name was Juan Humberto Guzman Nunez born to Maria Antonia Nunez “Lila”. He was a Spiritual POW, a son, a sinner, a criminal, a father, a papa, a brother, a tio, a grandfather, a widow, a minister, a missionary, a newspaper man, a lover and most importantly he was family. 

He believed that the chains that bound him would be broken. He found alternative ways to cope with the duties he was inherited. He was charismatic, funny, loving, Chiefs sports fanatic, loud, silly, and a warrior. 

It was incredibly heartbreaking for our family to find out he was deceased in Tijuana Mexico. We pray that we can all understand, accept, embrace, learn, teach, believe, and have faith that there is a God who sacrificed his son for us and thus teach our future generations the same. We remain believers in the foundation of Jesus Christ and our soldiers that serve for our freedom.

Passing verified on February 2, 2019.

Funeral Arrangements

La Trinidad Church Trinity Chapel