Sueño de Familia (2)

Talent often runs in families and the inspirational exhibit  Yolanda Gonzalez: Sueño de Familia/Dream of Famly   is a mighty example of a generational family of artists documented starting with the work of great-grandfather Juan Nepomuceno Lopez (1860-1940), Margarita “Mague” Lopez Ibarra (1906-1999)  (1906-1999) “Yola Lopez Gonzalez (b.1930), who took up ceramics at the age of 83 and Yolanda Gonzalez (b.1964) a current  Los Angeles artist with her niece Lauren Stacia Gonzalez (b. 1988) who works in painting, printmaking and ceremics.  “The Vincent Price Art Musem is honored to present the work of Yolanda Gonzalez and her family” said Director Pilar  Tompkins Rivas. “Each of the artists is accomplished in their own right, yet it is remarkable to encounter a direct lineage. The Vincent Price Art Museum is based on the East Los Angeles college campus.