The San Fernando Valley Sun/El Sol asked our online Facebook readers how they would be celebrating the Easter holiday given the COVID-19 Stay-at-home directive. Here are some responses. 

Michelle Beltran: “In our home we will be attending church via Facebook live. We will be having our bbq in our backyard and our little girl will go on the hunt for the Easter eggs. We will do our family Easter picture in our living room. It’s our little boy’s first Easter and we were really looking forward to taking him and his sister to see the Easter bunny at the mall but that didn’t end up happening.”

Veronica Ramirez (Michelle Beltran): “You can always dress up as the bunny and say you’re helping the Easter bunny this year. I’ve seen some people sending in photos to get the bunny photoshopped in or doing the photoshop their self (sic) with a blank white backdrop.”

Maricela Rubalcaba: “Our traditions will remain the same but will be carried out a little bit differently this year. Church will still be happening, just online. Bbq will still be happening, just in our own backyard. And the little mama of the family will get all the Easter eggs to herself this year. Our family utilizes zoom nightly to connect with extended family to pray together. It was my cousin’s idea and it’s been really nice and even fun. So we’ll probably still “see” our family this Easter.”

Gloria Villalpando: “Our tradition is to go to church and gather with my family at our house and hide Easter eggs in the front yard for the kids to find and have a Barbecue, but this year it is not going to happen because of the Corona virus. I want my family to stay home and be safe and Easter will be treated like any other day.”

Isabel Carrillo: “Our tradition will not happen this year. We usually go out and gather with a large group of family but this year we all canceled we are staying home like any other day. I’m not going to risk my boys one with asthma and one autistic to get sick.”

Morales Teresita: “Gracias a Dios yo no le he enseñado estás costumbres a mis hijos porque en mi País no se acostumbra lo de los huevos solo le damos Gracias a Dios por la Vida que nos está dando en Medio de la Pandemia” “Thank god I have not taught these customs to my children because in my country, eggs are not customary.  We thank God for the life that we have.”