BookTrib's BookBites: Three Moving Personal Stories, and an Rx for Healthcare


“Come Hope or High Water”

by Candi Cross 

The authorized biography of Steve Knuth, CEO of AgWest Commodities, is a recovery story about a man of many missions. Getting and staying sober after 25 years of blackout drinking was the hardest mission to accomplish. However, add to that daily battle the task of saving dozens of family farms from the volatile markets of agriculture in rural Nebraska, and you have a 21st-century superhero.

Knuth not only demonstrates that total recovery from addiction is possible. His life is a playbook for deep transformation and making a difference. Says transformational healer Keiya K. Rayne, “A most inspiring, enlightening and transformational journey of one man’s unwavering desire to live.” Purchase at

“The Rain May Pass”

by Alan Shayne 

A coming-of-age memoir from Alan Shayne – actor, casting director, producer, and former President of Warner Bros Television. Set in New England in the 1940s, a teenage boy falls in love with a man twice his age and soon learns more about himself than he ever imagined possible.

Says renowned film critic Rex Reed, “I loved The Rain May Pass. I savored every page. I felt like it was so heartfelt and honest that it broke my heart. With truthfulness and dignity, it captured and explored ageless virtues, failures, self-doubts, anxieties and other challenges that add up the bricks that construct a life.” Purchase at

“Emotional Dimensions of Healthcare”

by David Woodlock 

“A deeply sourced, brilliant prescription for what healthcare must be in the 21st century.” Something unhealthy is happening in America. We are getting sicker more often and we are dying sooner than we should. Here in the wealthiest, most advanced nation in human history, money and technology alone have not been the answer to preventing disease and promoting good health.

David Woodlock provides a prescription for smarter, better health, offering innovative approaches already being tried, as well as surveying the best ideas yet to be implemented. The result is a compelling vision of a new era of healthcare that guarantees both longevity and a higher quality of life for millions of Americans. Purchase at

“Untamed Equality”

by Todd A. Weiler 

A combat veteran, national security leader and activist in the gay community, Todd A. Weiler brings a colorful lifetime of experiences to the policy challenges faced in a new age of equality and its effect on the safety and security of the nation. Untamed Equality seeks to define the elements that move us beyond the norm and into a society and world that seeks, celebrates and leverages inclusion.

This level of true equality seeks not only to heal from the past and hold those responsible for their acts against equality; it promotes a future in which the realization of inclusion and equality drives safety and security, finding a common ground between unlikely partners. Purchase at


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