(StatePoint) Americans love the great outdoors and are venturing out to trails, rivers, lakes and campsites more often for a breath of fresh air from the COVID-19 restrictions in place across the country.

Over half of those adventurers encounter unexpected challenges while taking part in their favorite outdoor activities. The most common issues include ripped or torn clothing (45%), lacking proper equipment (42%) and leaking water bottles or food containers (39%), according to a new poll conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of T-Rex Tape.

Whether you’re hiking, camping, fishing or hunting, preparation is key for a fun and enjoyable experience. Read on for four types of supplies to keep on-hand for all your outdoor adventures: 

1. In case of emergency:


If you like getting down and dirty off-roading, driving ATVs or hunting, you never know what kinds of emergencies might pop up. Serious outdoor challenges call for the strongest, most durable solutions on the market. Keep a roll of strong tape with your gear to tackle your most critical fixes. Look for a tape that’s too tough to tear by hand and equipped with waterproof backing for all-weather performance on rough and dirty surfaces. For example, T-Rex Brute Force – which can hold or pull over 700 pounds – can be used in place of a rope if your ATV gets stuck in the mud or a buddy needs an unexpected tow (tape not weight-rated for towing applications).

2. Stop leaks on the spot:


A leak can instantly end your outdoor fun, turning a relaxing afternoon on the water into an inconvenient or even dangerous situation. Whether you’re using it on your boots or your boat, waterproof tape is a must-have for both wet and dry conditions. Prevent problems by creating a quick waterproof seal on your gear or apply it underwater to stop a boat leak in its tracks until you can get safely to shore for a full repair. Be sure to push the tape into cracks and rough, dirty surfaces to ensure a full seal.

3. Reliable patching for unexpected rips and tears:


Camping seems to require an endless list of supplies as it is, so it’s important to have products that can multitask. When packing for your next trip, add a durable, all-weather performance tape to your backpack to help in times of need, because nothing is worse than a torn tent in the rain. A clear repair tape can be used to fix a damaged light, or even to seal off fishing waders and gear packs.

4. Shoe repairs on-the-go:


Nothing puts a damper on your outdoor adventures like wet, grimy socks. When it comes to keeping water and mud out of your boots or shoes on your next hike, ordinary duct tape just won’t do the trick. Choose an all-weather utility tape that features super-durable, extra-thick adhesive and maximum hold, even on rough and dirty surfaces.

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Want to be prepared for any challenge you might encounter on outdoor adventures? With resourcefulness and the right tools, you can better handle sticky situations.