(BPT) – Not having enough time for regular exercise, healthy eating and even doctor’s appointments has always been an ongoing challenge for millions of people around the world. But as the global pandemic continues reshaping our lives, people are discovering an unusual gift — the gift of time. Some, including Take Cholesterol to Heart spokesperson, actor and comedian Howie Mandel, are translating that gift into new habits and routines for healthier lifestyles.

As one of the 95 million Americans with high cholesterol, Mandel knew that keeping up his regular heart health regimen was paramount to keep his body in fighting shape. He continued to take his statin medication and communicate with his doctor, and even implemented a few more habits into his routine.

“If there’s any bright side to being locked down and away from my normal routine, it’s that I started exercising more. I’m finding new ways to stay in shape by lifting things around the house, finding different ways to prepare healthy foods that I never would have had the time to discover before. A lot of these are going to come with me even after the pandemic,” said Mandel in a new Take Cholesterol to Heart video.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen the service capabilities of doctors and pharmacies grow, making communicating with healthcare providers and accessing prescriptions safer and more convenient than ever before.

“Now, I get my prescriptions mailed to me, without having to stand in line at the drug store … I love to go to the door and open up a package, even if it’s just my medication,” said Mandel.

In addition to prescription deliveries, Mandel also shared that he’s been talking to his doctor more frequently via telehealth appointments, an important task for someone taking statin medication for the treatment of high cholesterol. At least 50 percent of people on a statin stop taking their medication within a year, which can be very dangerous since symptoms of high cholesterol can’t be felt. Now with the convenience of telehealth, it’s easier than ever to schedule an appointment and talk with your doctor about finding the right statin for you.

As we adjust to our “new normal,” there are many great tips and tricks we can use to promote a healthier lifestyle for ourselves. We can all join Howie Mandel in implementing healthy habits, like finding new recipes with nutritious ingredients, exploring new ways to exercise at home, talking with our doctors via telehealth, opting for home-delivery prescriptions, and of course, washing our hands more frequently, wearing a mask, social distancing and following all CDC and government guidelines!

Since March, we’ve been adapting and creating new habits. We’ve reconnected with our friends and families virtually, challenged our creativity with DIY home projects and even found new ways to celebrate, like drive-by birthday parties. Prioritizing our health with new habits that we can maintain even beyond the pandemic is just the next step to thriving in our “new normal.” Visit TakeCholesteroltoHeart.com to learn more about how to take care of your heart and watch Howie Mandel share his story.