4 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time Ever to Learn to Play Piano

(StatePoint) As the weather grows cold and the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact communities nationwide, many people are spending more time at home.

If that describes you, and you’re looking for new ways to fill the time and perhaps improve your mood, consider learning to play the piano.

Playing piano may be beneficial to your wellness in a number of key ways. Here are a few insights into why now is the best time ever to learn — or hone — this skill:

• It sharpens the mind: Playing piano helps improve cognitive function and memory. At a time when it’s very easy to turn to passive activities like scrolling through social media apps, playing piano presents a beneficial alternative that keeps the mind active and has even been shown to promote healthy aging.

• It’s good for your mood: Playing an instrument, such as piano, can reduce stress and anxiety, providing much needed relief during this challenging time.

• It may boost immunity: You are probably well-aware of the value of vitamin C, but did you know that music may provide similar benefits? Research conducted by the University of Sussex in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute discovered a correlation between playing an instrument and a stronger immune system.

• It’s easier than ever to get started: New tools are making it easier than ever to build piano skills and create music at home. For example, Casio keyboards, which range from small and portable to upright piano-sized, have built-in features that make learning easy and continuing to play rewarding. Connect the keyboard to the Chordana Play app to play included songs or add MIDI files. The app generates a music score from the file and detects chords, too, making it easy for beginners to learn. Once you master the instrument, use the keyboard’s remixing and recording tools to compose and capture your music. To learn more, visit casiomusicgear.com.

Have some extra time on your hands these days at home? Put those hands to good use by learning to play piano.

Photo Credit: (c) Jun / iStock via Getty Images Plus