A beautiful kitchen sink such as BLANCO’s IKON can help you turn out beautifully baked bread, cake, cookies and more.

(NAPSI)—Here’s a hot tip: Most baking enthusiasts may not realize it, but turning out great baked goods can be easier with a quality kitchen appliance that’s NOT the stove. It’s the sink.  

With, for example, the BLANCO IKON Low-Divide white farmhouse sink, prepping your ingredients and getting your sweets into the oven can be faster and easier than ever.  

Here are seven reasons: 

•You get a custom floating cutting board that lets you transform the area into a functional prep space.  

•The way a farmhouse-type sink is installed also provides a more ergonomic set-up by bringing the sink closer to you, so you can tackle food preparation with less strain on your back, so you enjoy baking more. 

•It can also make cleanup easier. If the recipe calls for eggs, say, you can crack them on the side of your sink. You won’t need to worry about wiping up messes on your counter because the sink is made of a durable granite composite material called SILGRANIT that’s super easy to clean. Sticky or messy baking substances, such as egg whites, can be quickly wiped away with a sponge or easily rinsed down the drain. Its non-porous, food-safe surface is long-lasting and low-maintenance because it resists liquids and residue.

•It can also save you time. Just toss all the dirty plates, spatulas, and whisks into the sink. The material it’s made of is heat-resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 536°F, much hotter than most baking requires. It will not blister, burn, melt or discolor from heat.  

•There’s an optional floating grid you can use as a cooling rack.

•Because a farmhouse sink has two bowls, you can use one for prep and the other for cleanup.  

•The low-divide and deep bowl mean getting large baking sheets into the sink is a breeze during cleanup. 

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 “Turning out great baked goods can be easier with a quality kitchen appliance that’s NOT the stove. It’s the sink. With the BLANCO IKON white SILGRANIT farmhouse sink, baking can be faster and easier than ever.”