At a Crossroads? Consider a Career in Healthcare as a Home Caregiver

(StatePoint) Considering a career change? You’re in good company — 18 percent of the deskless workforce who had a job during COVID-19 plan to leave for better benefits or job security, according to a recent survey by Quinyx.

Experts say that if you’re looking for meaningful work in a reliable, recession-proof industry, the field of home healthcare might be the right career path for you.

“At a time when work and life are blurring together more than ever, home caregiving allows for greater mobility and flexibility for professionals like LPNs, RNs and therapists, as well as home support aides and companions,” says Jennifer Sheets, president and chief executive officer of Interim HealthCare Inc. “Compassionate and mission-driven professionals within and outside of healthcare can bring their unique skills to these positions to ensure patients get the care they need.”

To encourage people from all professional backgrounds to consider whether a career in home healthcare is right for them, Sheets offers the following insights into the field:

• Previous home care experience not required: For certain roles, you don’t need a degree or industry experience to qualify for a home caregiving position, you just need a compassionate heart and a willingness to help others. Whether you’re a licensed healthcare professional (like a nurse or therapist) or you’re employed in a service industry like hospitality, retail or food service, you likely have people skills and a desire to positively impact others, both of which are needed to step into this field and begin a rewarding career.

• The work is rewarding: Seeking a career path with purpose? Caregivers have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others every day. And, if you decide to take your career further, you can. The industry offers much potential for career growth.

• Positions offer autonomy: If you already work in the healthcare industry, you may discover that providing personalized care to patients at home offers greater flexibility and autonomy than other sites of care in the industry. Home caregivers have full visibility into a patient’s health and provide the unique care the patient needs to achieve their goals. What’s more, every day is different, offering diverse experiences that use every facet of your skill set.

• Jobs are wide-ranging. In the case of Interim HealthCare Inc., a healthcare franchise company providing nurses, therapists, aides and other healthcare personnel to approximately 173,000 people annually and has been operating since 1966, there are job opportunities in every specialty: from medically complex pediatric patients to seniors who need a little bit of help. More information on Interim HealthCare and current openings across the country can be found by visiting

Sometimes, life brings you to a crossroads. For many people, that time is now. Whether you’re looking to make a difference in a new industry or you’re seeking to level up your healthcare career, consider whether the field of home caregiving might be right for you.