Why you should hire a professional photographer for senior portraits

(BPT) – High school graduation is a proud moment for not only your senior but the entire family. After all, it’s an important milestone that will never come again. Senior portraits commemorate this time in your son or daughter’s life and will be cherished for years to come. As your child grows into an adult, a senior portrait captures a meaningful moment in time — offering a great way to reflect on one’s journey through life.

From that yearbook page to the framed portrait hung proudly on the wall, senior photos are a memento worth taking with care — and by a professional who knows how to capture this moment best.

Here are ways a professional photographer can make your teen’s senior photo stand out, providing a one-of-a-kind keepsake of this important rite of passage.

Getting to know you

A good professional photographer takes time to get to know everyone they photograph. They will ask your senior about their hobbies and interests, allowing the finished product to artistically represent their accomplishments and personality. This occasion only happens once in a high schooler’s career, so it’s vital to make it a memorable experience. Working with a professional photographer, you will have the benefit of years of experience to ensure the portrait provides a memory you want to keep forever.

Helping you look your best

With the help of a professional photographer, the lighting, background and pose will all help enhance the finished portrait. An experienced photographer can offer advice about locations and props to use during a photo session. Consult them before making these final choices, as they know what will look best on camera.

A professional photographer has technical expertise and training, and knows what lens is best to use for each situation. They know about composition, and can use that knowledge to guide you throughout the process, ensuring that your portraits are outstanding. They are also skilled in post-processing techniques to produce a stunning final portrait.

Advising you about what to wear

Your professional photographer will help with wardrobe choices, so your portrait is both interesting and flattering. They understand color theory and can suggest the best color palette for your skin tone — as well as for the location or space where the portrait will be displayed. They can advise you about layers, accessories and other details to make sure your personality shines through in the final image.

Turning photographs into artwork

A professional photographer will provide you with more than just pictures. They create beautiful works of art meant to last for generations. Your teen may want to share photos with friends on social media, but as parents, you want to hang the portrait in your family room, or create an album to look at when the nest is empty.

These are memories you will cherish for years, and a professional photographer will produce the perfect art that can share with friends and keep forever.

Providing a memorable experience

Face it, not everyone is comfortable getting their portrait taken. A professional photographer delivers more than just great portraits. They will create an all-around unforgettable experience, making the experience enjoyable and stress-free — even for those who are camera shy.

This is a special time in your teen’s life, and you want them to have great memories about the whole process from prepping for the session through the photo session itself — all the way until receiving the final photographs.

Finding the right photographer

Start by visiting FindAPhotographer.com to locate a member of Professional Photographers of America near you. Ask to see their portfolio for a sense of their previous work. Anyone can snap a bunch of photos, but a true professional will have a clear track record of consistently delivering quality portraits. Your photographer can provide print options to make it easy for you to share photos with loved ones, plus digital options for social media.

Ask the photographer how to prepare for a session, and let your senior be involved in the process. If your teen can ask questions and help choose the photographer, they will feel more invested in the session. Then you can all be proud of the results: stunning portraits that commemorate this amazing milestone in their life.