6 Reasons to Start a Home Healthcare Career After Age 50

(StatePoint) With unemployment rates nearly twice as high as their pre-pandemic levels reported in February 2020, the prospect of starting a new career after age 50 may seem unrealistic. However, industry experts say that it’s actually a great time for those in this age bracket to consider making the leap.

“Whether you’re inspired by the healthcare heroes helping patients on the COVID-19 frontlines or you’re looking to take control over your career and future, the recession-proof home healthcare industry may be right for you,” says Jennifer Sheets, president and chief executive officer of Interim HealthCare Inc., which is actively recruiting caregivers nationwide.

Here are six reasons to consider home healthcare at this point in your career:

1. To boost happiness. The pandemic has created new sources of stress and unhappiness for many people. Your career is one area of your life where you can take back some control. And the right career can actually make you happier. Research from The University of Chicago shows that jobs that help and serve others are linked to the most satisfaction.

2. To stay sharp. Brains are like muscles — they have to be used to stay fit. A change in career flexes your brain “muscles” by encouraging you to learn new things, step out of your comfort zone and stay challenged. Medical experts also believe that staying cognitively active may even reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. With a home healthcare career, every day is different, offering a diverse array of experiences that use every facet of your skillset.

3. To make extra money. In uncertain economic times, earning extra money can make a big difference for nearly every family, and home care careers often allow you to bring in extra income in a way that aligns with your schedule and priorities.

4. To meet new people. Loneliness is tied to depression and anxiety, and it can even have negative impacts on heart health. Unfortunately, the pandemic has exacerbated this issue for many people. A new career that requires getting out and interacting with new people can alleviate some of this.

5. To make a difference. With headlines touting healthcare heroes, you may be feeling the pull toward a career that allows you to give back. Helping individuals who can’t (or shouldn’t) go out due to a high risk of COVID-19 complications is a valuable way to make a difference in your community.

6. To mix things up. There are job opportunities in home healthcare available for people of all backgrounds. However, for those already working in healthcare, this is a path offering an opportunity to get back to the heart of caregiving by providing personalized care to patients, with all the flexibility and autonomy that go with it.

To learn more about the industry and explore job opportunities available through Interim HealthCare, which has been connecting individuals to rewarding opportunities that advance their career for more than 50 years, visit ihcmadeforthis.com.

Time for the next chapter in your career? Consider whether home healthcare is the right step for you.


Photo Credit: (c) verbaska_studio / iStock via Getty Images Plus