Don’t Let Heartburn Sideline You During the Big Game

(StatePoint) It is hard to imagine the Big Game without hot wings, zesty delivery pizza or homemade buffalo chicken dip, despite the anticipated heartburn that might follow. On top of all your favorite rich and spicy foods is the anxiety you may get from the game itself, not to mention the built-up stress associated with the past year.

With stress increasingly being recognized as a contributing factor to heartburn, taking steps to mitigate symptoms can help you better enjoy the game, especially as this year is shaping up to be more unpredictable – and therefore more stressful – than ever.

“This unprecedented year is generating anxiety and stress for all those involved in the planning leading up to the Big Game, from event coordinators to the players, advertisers, and fans,” says Kenny White, a sports analyst and legendary oddsmaker known as the “Wizard of Odds.” “But die-hard football fans and casual viewers alike could use some of this uncertainty to actually enjoy the whole Big Game experience even more than in previous years.”

De-Stress with a Little Fun

To stress less, look for ways to have a bit of extra fun around the Big Game. For example, TUMS, the brand that celebrated “TUMSworthy” moments during the game last year, will be launching a new bingo experience on February 1. To participate, get your game board at and follow it during the game. Delivery pizza arrives with the wrong toppings? Out of chicken wings? Fumble on the field? Scorching dip? Examples such as these could represent a TUMSworthy moment on your bingo board. Players who complete a line of B-I-N-G-O by the end of the game earn a chance to win a piece of $55,000 in prizes.

“While the Big Game will once again be full of uncertainties, creative propositions such as the #TUMSBingoSweepstakes can make the whole experience more fun for fans and non-fans alike,” says White.

Beat Symptoms

Generally characterized by a burning sensation in the chest, other signs of heartburn include acid indigestion, sour stomach, and upset stomach associated with these symptoms. But you can take action to reduce this discomfort, whether ordering from your favorite restaurant or testing out that new buffalo chicken dip recipe that you have been eager to try.

Because eating too fast can contribute to heartburn, one of the most effective ways to alleviate symptoms is to take time to savor all those tasty snacks. Also, consider mixing up your spread with a few items you know are not heartburn triggers.

You might also want to make spectating more active. When you lie flat, your esophagus and stomach are on an even plane, making it easy for stomach acids to flow into your esophagus, which can cause heartburn. Sitting at a 45-degree angle could compress your stomach and make things worse. So, try to get up and move around between plays.

You can also turn to America’s #1 heartburn brand TUMS and have some TUMS Chewy Bites on hand. With a main ingredient of calcium carbonate, delivering fast-acting multi-symptom relief, and neutralizing acid on contact to treat the signs of heartburn, TUMS goes to work in seconds to deliver heartburn relief. To learn more, and for more heartburn relief tips, visit

This Big Game, relax and have fun. With a smart game plan, there is no need to be sidelined by heartburn.

Photo Credit: (c) arinahabich / iStock via Getty Images Plus