4 Winter Lawn Care Tips

(Family Features) Although grass and vegetation typically goes dormant during the winter months in most parts of the country, you may pay the price come spring if you neglect your lawn completely during the offseason.

To keep your lawn in good shape and ready to welcome spring growth, consider these tips:

  • Keep the lawn and any flower beds free from fallen leaves and twigs. Not only does this debris grow mucky and more difficult to remove over time, it can hamper future growth and lead to mold.
  • Before storing your lawn mower, winterize it by draining oil and gas then rinse away any grass clippings and other accumulated yard waste. If your storage area is accessible to rodents, consider using poison or traps to deter them from gnawing on soft material such as the cushioned seat of a riding mower.
  • Excessive foot traffic on short, dormant grass can be damaging as conditions are ideal for wearing travel paths and bald spots. When possible, keep to the sidewalks and avoid allowing heavy items such as trailers or vehicles on the lawn.
  • Some climates nurture weed growth even after the grass has passed its growing season. While the fresh growth can be an eyesore against a brown, dormant lawn, it makes spot-treating those pesky weeds easy.

With a little effort to ensure your lawn is ready to thrive when spring arrives, you can take advantage of the winter months and enjoy a reprieve from the rigors of spring and summer lawn care. Find more tips to ensure a lush lawn come springtime at eLivingtoday.com.


Photo courtesy of Adobe Stock